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Creative Solutions has been serving clients and the environment for years with our focus on remanufacturing and refurbishing quality Haworth cubicles. No question, even with a greater awareness of our collective impact on the Earth, the bottom-line still exists at every company. Using recycled office furniture has numerous benefits, especially for the Earth. Our commitment to the environment shows by re-using office furniture and making it new again. And now more than ever, companies are realizing that going green can actually be good for both business and the environment.

Go Green, Go Better. So, what is out there?

  • RECYCLED = REUSED AS-IS OFFICE FURNITURE diverted from waste stream/landfills
  • REFURBISHED = RECYCLED OFFICE FURNITURE with VALUE ADDED, primarily COSMETIC IMPROVEMENTS, before it's returned to the market
  • NEW FURNITURE = OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts made primarily from raw materials

recycled office furniture WE bring new life into pre-owned cubicles!
By choosing US, YOU save landfills from tons of office furniture!

Sustainability—simply starts with one cubicle!

  • DESIGN BENEFITS—we help you achieve the "like-new" look you want from numerous options
  • COST BENEFITS—we offer significant savings of up to 90 percent off the cost of new (industry reported averages are from 30 to 50 percent in savings)
  • RESOURCE CONSERVATION AND WASTE REDUCTION—we extend the life of office furniture, cleaning or replacing fabric, repainting, and, ultimately, reinvigorating spaces (helping to reduce the millions of tons of furniture discarded each year in landfills!)
  • ENERGY CONSERVATION—we focus our energy on you with any production tailored specifically to your needs (refurbishing requires far less energy than creating new product)
  • FAST TURNAROUND AND QUALITY ASSURANCE—we are your local source!

Our Cubicle Refurbishing Process and Sustainable Resources:

  • Interface FABRIC's recycled Terratex brand fabrics made from 100-percent recycled or renewable materials
  • Low V.O.C. (volatile organic compounds) paint from Sherwin-Williams
  • Re-used laminate work surfaces
Want to see some of the benefits of recycled office furniture?

Contact us with any needs:

  • Interested in a greener solution for your office furniture project? Look and feel good with our customized solutions
  • Have office furniture that you want to refurbish? Let us show you your options
  • Want to reconfigure your existing office furniture or move it to a new space? We provide office space planning, design and tear down/installation services
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Speed - delivered as fast as 1-2 weeks

Installation - performed only by our full time, in-house installation team

Customization - match fabrics, paint colors and furniture to your space

Reliability - 40 years in business, 25+ employees, 30,000+sf warehouse

Quality - professional cleaning/new fabric/painting at our warehouse

Hassle-Free - one person start to finish for quoting/design/install/follow-up

Affordable - new, used or AS-IS -- we have something for every budget