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Open Office Furniture - Pros and Cons

Posted on 5th Jan 2018 in Open Office Furniture

Considering an open office layout for your new office?

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Office Furniture Buying Guide

Posted on 17th Dec 2017 in

As you get closer to the target move/installation date, you'll have less flexibility. This makes it important to start early. For example, some office furniture, especially new office furniture, may not be available on deadlines less than 4 weeks. There are also people problems that can come up on a very short deadline--if you go with the fastest options for a particular piece of office furniture and it isn't doesn't match the aesthetic of the space you're moving into, you might find your coworkers upset.

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Parts of a Cubicle

Posted on 17th Dec 2017 in Cubicles

If you're new to cubicles, it is helpful to understand the parts and pieces so you know what you want to order to make a complete cubicle. The basic building blocks of any cubicle are as follows.

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Typical Cubicle Floor Plans

Posted on 12th Dec 2017 in Cubicles, Office Desks

As companies continue to grow, and commercial real estate costs continue to rise, cubicles are the logical solution to get the most utility from the open space you have. We can custom tailor each cubicle to the occupant's specific needs, work habits, and function within the company.

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