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Open Office Workstations

Open office workstations are ideal for situations where you want to support an open office environment. Usually, this means lower panel heights, lots of visibility between coworkers, and a high degree of space efficiency.

An open office plan can have pros and cons. Some critics say that open office workstations kill productivity, creating distractions and forcing coworkers to find more private space for a little peace and quiet. The proponents say that this this modern era approach fosters collaboration, encourages transparency, and reduces costs with a higher density of staff per unit of area. The choice is yours to make of course, and Creative Solutions can help furnish any situation that suits your needs.

Many of our customers take a hybdrid approach: they use traditional cubicle walls to create medium-height dividers. When a person is sitting down, they have some degree of isolation from their neighbor from the medium height cubicle walls. This also provides sound isolation and gives the person more of a feeling of having their own space. When standing up, people can freely collaborate and see their coworkers, providing some of the benefits of an open office environment.

Need some ideas? Take a look at these examples of open office workstations.

If you're not sure, speak with some of our office furniture experts today and we'll help you decide.
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