Used Cubicles

Choosing An Office Furniture Vendor

Important Factors to Consider When Deciding on a Cubicle Vendor
How to Successfully Buy Used and Refurbished Office Furniture Without Losing
Your Shirt or Your Mind in the Process

Key Questions to Ask Yourself:

  1. Approximately what is my budget?
  2. Do I have a layout and design completed yet, or do I need help with this?
  3. Are there specific colors of fabric & laminate that I must have, or can I be flexible in this area?
  4. Do I know specifically what components I need in each of the cubicles (i.e. cubicle shelves, cubicle overhead storage, cubicle pedestal files, cubicle tack boards, cubicle task lights, etc.) or will I need help with this?
  5. If I find an inventory for sale directly from another end-user, do I have the time, knowledge and patience to make their cubicles work in my new location?
  6. What is my critical date to have the cubicles installed, and therefore, when do I need to make a decision on a vendor?
  7. Am I the only decision maker on this purchase, or do I need to involve others in the process before making a final decision?

Key Questions to Ask Potential Vendors:

  1. How long have you been in the cubicle business?
  2. I have a critical date to meet for completion of this job, what kind of control do you have over the entire process to ensure you'll be able to hit my date?
  3. Are you a broker who simply searches for used cubicles and makes arrangements to have them torn down, transported and installed at my location, or do you have these cubicles in your warehouse, now, waiting to be installed?
  4. Does your company do the cubicle installation itself, or do you have to hire that service out?
  5. If I need office space planning services, can you do that for me, and if so, how much will it cost?
  6. Do you sell "as-is" cubicle walls only, or can you refurbish the cubicle walls with a different color fabric, trim color or laminate before delivering it to me if that's what I need? Do you do the cubicle refurbishing yourself, or do you have to hire that service out?
  7. If I buy "as-is" cubicles from you, in what kind of condition can I expect the cubicles to be in when they arrive? Will you clean and paint the cubicles first as needed, or will the cubicles simply be transported from someone else's office to mine without being touched?
  8. Can you break down your quote into separate line items for each of the cubicle components and installation labor so I can make an apples-to-apples comparison with other vendors, or delete items if budget changes force me to do so?
  9. If I need to add more cubicles at a later date, is the fabric you're going to sell me likely to be available at that time?
  10. If I need additional cubicle components like cubicle shelves, cubicle overhead storage, cubicle task lights, etc. at a later date, will you have them in stock in the colors I need to match what I already have?
  11. Can you show me photos of recent jobs, or can I go out and see some of the jobs you've done so I can get a sense of what my job might look like when completed?
  12. Can you put me in touch with any of your recent customers so I can determine their satisfaction level?

Where Creative Solutions Stands on the Above Questions, and What Truly Makes us Different From Other Vendors

  1. We focus on one manufacturer of cubicles only, Haworth™, and consistently carry well over $10 million of inventory at any given time. This ensures you a wide selection for your initial purchase, as well as a ready supply of add-on components any time you need them. Haworth is one of 3 major manufacturers in the cubicle marketplace, and the sound absorption ratings for Haworth panels are superior to anything else on the market. We'll give you the data to see for yourself.
  2. Because of our buying power we can sell product for up to 90% off list price, and not sacrifice quality or service in the process.
  3. Our Project Managers carry a project from beginning to end. One individual is responsible for:
    • Taking the initial measurements of your space
    • Preparing a CADD drawing which shows a detailed layout of your space, measurements, and how the furniture will look once installed
    • Giving you a detailed quote which itemizes each and every component and labor item
    • Giving you fabric, laminate and trim samples so you can coordinate your other design issues (carpet, walls, etc.) and have something to show others involved in the project
    • Coordinating directly with other vendors involved in your project, including electricians, communications people, contractors, etc. to ensure technical issues and timing are coordinated in a logical and cohesive fashion
    • Working closely with our own installation crew to ensure they understand all unique aspects of your project before arriving on site
    • Being present at the actual installation to ensure the project is completed according to plan
    • Doing a final walk-through with you to ensure you are happy with the project and address any last minute changes that might be needed
  4. We do our own refurbishing on the premises, and we employ our own, full-time installation crew. The result is that we can complete a project from beginning to end with the assurance that we have total control over the entire process. If we commit to a date, we will meet it with no excuses, and we can do a job from beginning to end in as little as one week if necessary.
  5. We have been in business since 1972 and have a long list of satisfied customers you can refer to. Each of our project managers has been trained to lead you through the process from beginning to end in an efficient and effective manner. Photos of recently completed jobs are available, and we'll gladly arrange for you to visit jobs we've already completed.
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Speed - delivered as fast as 1-2 weeks

Installation - performed only by our full time, in-house installation team

Customization - match fabrics, paint colors and furniture to your space

Reliability - 40 years in business, 25+ employees, 30,000+sf warehouse

Quality - professional cleaning/new fabric/painting at our warehouse

Hassle-Free - one person start to finish for quoting/design/install/follow-up

Affordable - new, used or AS-IS -- we have something for every budget