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Finding A Balance

Today businesses are continually trying to become more efficient and manage their costs effectively. But the image your company presents to its clients, and the environment in which employees carry on their day-to-day operations is critically important. Balancing these issues of cost control, image enhancement, and a comfortable, functional working environment is no easy challenge.

Creative Solutions has made a name for itself over the past thirty-eight years by becoming specialists in high quality, contemporary, reconditioned Haworth™ cubicles at a fraction of the cost of new. We typically carry well over $10 million in inventory of quality, used cubicles. Because of this our delivery time from the beginning of a project to final installation can be as short as one week. Compare this to the lead time of brand new cubicles, which is typically six to eight weeks and beyond. Besides being cost and time effective, when you buy reconditioned cubicles you're being good to the environment by utilizing structurally sound components that might normally be dumped into a landfill.

What Options Are Available From Creative Solutions?

Our focus over the past 38 years has been in reconditioning cubicles from one of the industry's leading manufacturers, Haworth™. Creative Solutions offers two different options in cubicles which are designed to meet varying client budgets. The most economical and popular route is AS-IS cubicles, which roughly 80% of our customers choose. We spend a great deal of time searching the country for clean, fresh, AS-IS cubicle inventories in popular, neutral colors that will fit into most everyone's décor. At Creative Solutions AS-IS cubicles means the following:

  • We start with structurally sound cubicle walls, then sand and repaint all of the office panel's metal and plastic surfaces including the side rails, top caps and raceways (bottom channel) in our on-site paint booth. We use a technologically advanced, two-part epoxy-based paint. This paint cures quickly into a rock-hard finish that is extremely robust and durable.
  • All cubicle panel fabric is extensively steam cleaned with a hi-pressure system. All fabric is free of rips and tears; if it's ripped, we don't use it!
  • All cubicle accessory components such as pedestal files, task lights, shelves, etc. are sanded and repainted with the same two-part epoxy-based paint.
  • All cubicle work surfaces are cleaned and inspected. If there are any deep scratches on the laminate surface, we don't use it. If the T-molding (surface edging) is damaged or can't be effectively cleaned, it is replaced with new molding.

We typically have at least 15-20 neutral fabric choices and 4-5 laminate colors available at any given time in the AS-IS cubicles category. If for some reason you don't find a color or pattern that suits your needs in the AS-IS cubicles category, then we can REFURBISH cubicle walls for you to your specifications.

At Creative Solutions REFURBISHING means that we repaint all of the cubicle wall's metal and plastic surfaces, in addition to total replacement of all cubicle panel fabric with a brand new fabric of your choice. There are literally thousands of cubicle fabric choices available to you and we can provide you with sample swatches to coordinate with your other color choices (i.e. carpeting, paint, etc.) We will help you choose the style that best suits your particular environment and needs, or we'll simply match it to your existing furniture. Similarly, if you don't find a laminate color that suits your needs in our AS-IS cubicle inventories, we can have new work surfaces made for you in the exact color/pattern of your choice. In general REFURBISHED cubicles will cost you approximately 40-50% more than our AS-IS cubicles product, depending on the fabric grade and/or laminate you choose.

What Else is Needed to Complete the Job?

Proper office planning in today's environment involves specifying components that not only fit together properly, but also handle your current and anticipated electrical, data and communication needs. During the planning process we will assess your current space planning, work flow patterns, and even planned architectural alterations. One thing that sets Creative Solutions apart from most of the other vendors in the systems furniture business is that ONE Project Manager from our company will be your main point of contact for all issues related to your project. This same person will measure your space, do the CADD drawing, provide you with a quote, work with our production personnel to ensure we meet your deadlines, and be present at the final installation.

Who Does The Installation?

We do. No plan is complete unless the execution is coordinated flawlessly. Creative Solutions employs a full-time staff of installation professionals with the experience needed to ensure the final look is as you intended. Many other firms will subcontract out installation duties to another company which may cause a host of coordination issues at one of the most critical stages of the job. By providing turn-key cubicle installation services, Creative Solutions ensures the job is done right from beginning to end. We strive for no delays and accept complete responsibility for achieving the results you expect and deserve.

In Summary

We want to be your full service office furniture company. You can expect to save up to 90% of the cost of buying new office furniture by giving us a call. Our current customer list includes many of Northern California's leading companies. They've already discovered that we offer cost savings, efficiency, exceptional service and a commitment to their office furniture needs. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Speed - delivered as fast as 1-2 weeks

Installation - performed only by our full time, in-house installation team

Customization - match fabrics, paint colors and furniture to your space

Reliability - 40 years in business, 25+ employees, 30,000+sf warehouse

Quality - professional cleaning/new fabric/painting at our warehouse

Hassle-Free - one person start to finish for quoting/design/install/follow-up

Affordable - new, used or AS-IS -- we have something for every budget